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Canada Laminated
Product Code: CN194
 Size 77 x 54 inches


      Now Available from UniversalMAP

    Universal Map is proud to announce publication of the 2000 edition of our wall map of Canada.


    Specifications of this high quality map include:

    • Laminated surface that is both markable and washable

    • Hanging options of spring roller or rails, mounted top and bottom

    • Wall map is indexed on the face of the map

    • Measures 6' 5" W x 4' 6" H (77 x 54)


    v    Special Feature


           Inset of South Central Canada

           Coverage of U. S. to include New York City, Cleveland, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Bismark, Salem (OR), Helena (MT)      


    Details Included
    • All State Highways            Cities and Towns               Time Zones

    • All Interstate Highways      Major Waterways              State Parks

    • Trans-Canada Highway     Military Installations                      Points of Interest

    Hanging options of spring roller or executive wood grain framing rails mounted top and bottom

  • Measures 4' 6" W x 5' 9" H (54"x69")


Canada Map CN194 Universal
Laminated with Rails

$ 199.50

Shipping, Packing & Insurance (rolled)

$ 20.00

RAILS are walnut colored strips that are attached to the map at the top and bottom that allows the map to be rolled and shipped in a tube but is ready to hang on your wall. All you need to do is provide 2 hangers on your wall.

Canada Map CN195 Universal
Laminated with Spring Roller
$ 219.50
Shipping, Packing & Insurance (rolled) $ 30.00

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