Oklahoma  DeLorme Atlas &

100% Laminated with spiral binding

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OKLAHOMA DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer

100% Laminated with spiral binding

Note from Bob: The spiral binding
allows the atlas to lay flat or can be folded over. This makes the atlas easy to use in cramped spaces.
The covers are very thick and durable
and each page is laminated.
This makes the atlas waterproof,
tearproof, markable, wipeable, and
should last and last and last.
Atlas does not float.
Buy one for yourself, your best
friend and your library.
A lasting gift.


Atlas details:

100% Laminated with spiral binding

Our Oklahoma Atlas & Gazetteer may not inspire a Broadway musical, but a trip through its pages might just have you singing, "Oklahoma, Okay!" The Sooner State offers a rich variety of geographic features - from broad prairies to inviting lakes to rugged mountains - and our atlas captures them all in accurate detail. Of course, the maps show all the back road and backcountry detail that Atlas & Gazetteer users have come to expect. And, there is a wealth of information on everything from Native American Culture to Wildlife Viewing. Scale 1:200,000 (1 inch to 3.2 miles). A mosaic of the maps would measure approximately 13 feet wide by six feet high.    

SIZE: 11 x 15.5 INCHES.

SCALE: 1:200,000

Atlas 100% Laminated
with spiral binding
$ 79.95
Shipping, Packing & Insurance
$ 12.00



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