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Watch This Screen change. This is what your screen will look like


Your Screen on June21

Simulated World Watch Screen Saver


Your Screen on December 21


If you would like a full sized Geochron clock and feel it is just a little too much at this time, this Screen Saver is for you. It shows the same as the Geochron,
but is on your computer as a screen saver. Surprisingly popular and very inexpensive.  


Keep time with the world. With Geochron World Watch Time Piece for Windows TM, you can know by a glance at your computer screen whether the rest of the world is open for business. World Watch displays the current time for any city in the world in an attractive graphical display, and you can even set it up as a Geochron World Watch Screen Saver. You can customize the display using various maps, user-defined cities, and map settings. The easy-to-read graphic tells you instantly which parts of the world are in sunlight and which are in the dark. Individual clocks across the bottom of your screen display local time for any locations you select. International Daylight Savings Time adjusts automatically.

If your company needs 20 or more of these savers they can be customized to
show your company name and logo. A pull-down menu is also available for further customizing of pertinent information regarding your company. Available for Microsoft Windows TM 3.1 and above. Windows '95+ compatible.

Model #63512....$59.95

Geochron World Map Screen Saver $ 59.95
Shipping, Packing & Insurance 9.00

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Geochron: The famous daylight World Clock  
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Can't find what you are looking for?

Call Jill 651-227-6277

(over 30 years of Map Expertise)


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